Pipe Packer Air Push Rods (0,6 - 3,0 m)

Air push rods are designed for efficient navigation of packers through narrow bends and transitions towards the repair site. These rods are equipped with a lockable hexagonal fitting that ensures a secure attachment to the packer during transit through pipelines. This innovative fitting feature also enables the rotation of the entire packer along with the air push rod, facilitating smoother movement through constricted bends and transitions.



  • Versatility: Expertly designed to maneuver through tight bends and transitions, ensuring seamless navigation.
  • Secure Connections: Features lockable hexagonal fittings that ensure the Air Push Rods remain connected throughout the operation, eliminating the risk of disconnection while deploying the Packer.
  • Enhanced Durability: The Air Push Rods are engineered to resist environmental hazards within the pipeline, offering long-lasting performance.
  • Optimized Maneuverability: The hexagonal fittings facilitate synchronized rotation of the Packer, simplifying the process of navigating through challenging bends and transitions.
  • Modular Design: Provides adjustable configurations, with segments ranging from 0.6 meters to 3 meters in length, accommodating a wide range of project scales and ensuring precise customization to meet specific pipeline repair needs.


Product Code Length of Stick (m/inch)
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PR6 0,6m/23,62"
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PR10 1,0m/39,37"
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PR15 1,5m/59,05"
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PR20 2,0m/78,74"
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PR30 3,0m/76,2"


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