Pillow Type Packers with Bypass (0,5 - 1 bar)

  • Bypassed Pillow Type Packers are packers with flexible soft quality rubber construction.
  • As they are inflatable to fit the shape of damaged pipes, they are mainly used for repairing and testing oval pipes and pipes of different shapes, as well as circular pipes.
  • They are especially preferred in the use of large diameter pipes.
  • They provide ideal use in pipe tests, they provide safe use in cases where the flow must continue or the flow must be directed during the repair of the pipes.
  • The difference from PTP Pad Packers is that PTPB Pillow Packers are bypassed. Bypass feature is a feature used in cases where the flow is desired to continue during the repair. Bypass feature is also to divrt the flow in different directions and to give pressurized water during hydro test.
  • They have a flexible structure, manhole transitions and transitions are very easy and can be easily moved in the pipe.
  • Because they are foldable and lighter than standard packers of equivalent size, they can be easily moved.
  • Repair using the packer method reduces cost, time spent in the field and downtime as trenchless repairs can be made using a pillow packer like other packers.
  • They are  available in different product sizes as width 910-2300mm, length 2500-3700 mm.
  • For pipe diameters between 600-2000 mm, the repair length is 1000-2000 mm.
Product Code Nominal Size (mm) Min. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Product Wide(mm/inch) Product Length (mm/inch) Max. Working Pressure (bar/psi) Bypass Diameter(mm/inch) Max. Contact (Repair)Length (mm/inch) Product Weigth(kg/Ibs)
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PTPB6001000/2500 600-1000 600mm/23,5" 910mm/36,0" 2500mm/98,5" 1,0bar/14,5psi 290mm/11,5" 1000mm/39,0" 28,8kg/63Ibs
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PTPB6001000/3500 600-1000 600mm/23,5" 910mm/36,0" 3500mm/137,0" 1,0bar/14,5psi 290mm/11,5" 2000mm/78,5" 37,0kg/81,5Ibs
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PTPB8001200/2500 800-1200 800mm/31,5" 1200mm/47,0" 2500mm/98,5" 1,0bar/14,5psi 323mm/12,5" 1000mm/39,0" 45,0kg/100,0Ibs
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PTPB8001200/3500 800-1200 800mm/31,5" 1200mm/47,0" 3500mm/137,0" 1,0bar/14,5psi 323mm/12,5" 2000mm/78,5" 52,0kg/114,0Ibs
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PTPB10001400/2500 1000-1400 1000mm/39,0" 1550mm/61,0" 2500mm/98,5" 0,8bar/11,5psi 340mm/13,5" 1000mm/39,0" 55,0kg/121,0Ibs
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PTPB10001400/3500 1000-1400 1000mm/39,0" 1550mm/61,0" 3500mm/137,0" 0,8bar/11,5psi 340mm/13,5" 2000mm/78,5" 65,0kg/143,0Ibs
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PTPB12001600/2500 1200-1600 1200mm/47,0" 1800mm/71,0" 2500mm/98,5" 0,6bar/8,5psi 340mm/13,5" 1000mm/39,0" 75,0kg/165,0Ibs
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PTPB12001600/3500 1200-1600 1200mm/47,0" 1800mm/71,0" 3500mm/137,0" 0,6bar/8,5psi 340mm/13,5" 2000mm/78,5" 84,0kg/185,0Ibs
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PTPB15002000/2800 1500-2000 1500mm/59,0" 2300mm/90,5" 2800mm/110,0" 0,5bar/7,0psi 406mm/16,0" 1000mm/39,0" 102,0kg/225,0Ibs
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PTPB15002000/3700 1500-2000 1500mm/59,0" 2300mm/90,5" 3700mm/145,5" 0,5bar/7,0psi 406mm/16,0" 2000mm/78,5" 120,0kg/264,0Ibs


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