Multi Size Metal Core Bypass Stoppers (1,5 bar)

  • Multi Size Metal Core Bypass Stoppers are used for repairing and testing of sewage pipes, newly constructed or refurbished pipelines.
  • They are kind of pneumatic stoppers, only difference between the other stoppers is the large-diameter bypasses inside as metal core, stainless steel byspass is covered by high quality rubber.
  • Due to its large diameter bypass, it is used to divert the flow of high flow water or any fluid to another direction.
  • Standard series can be made in a range of diameters from 100 to 1200 mm as working pressure 1,5 bar/21,75 psi and 0.5 bar/7,3 psi.
  • It is possible to produce multi-dimensional pipe stoppers with bypass and metal core, bypass diameters can be different from the catalog value and larger than the catalog value, according to special use and technical needs.
Product Code Nominal Size(mm) Min. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Working Pressure (bar/psi) Product Diameter (mm/inch) Total Length of Product (mm/inch) Bypass Diameter(mm/inch) Product Weight (kg/Ibs)
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MMBS100200 100 - 200 100mm/3,94" 200mm/7,87" 1,5bar/21,75psi 92mm/3,62" 400mm/15,75" 50,80mm/2" 4,5kg/9,92lbs
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MMBS200500 200 - 500 200mm/7,87" 500mm/19,69" 1,5bar/21,75psi 190mm/7,48" 680mm/26,77" 101,60mm/4" 11,7kg/25,79lbs
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MMBS300600 300 - 600 300mm/11,81" 600mm/23,62" 1,5bar/21,75psi 280mm/11,02" 680mm/26,77" 101,60mm/4" 22,0kg/48,5lbs
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MMBS300750 300 - 750 300mm/11,81" 750mm/29,53" 1,5bar/21,75psi 280mm/11,02" 750mm/29,53" 101,60mm/4" 30,0kg/66,14lbs
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MMBS500800 500 - 800 500mm/19,69" 800mm/31,5" 1,5bar/21,75psi 440mm/17,32" 680mm/26,77" 152,40mm/6" 38,0kg/83,78lbs
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MMBS5001200 500 - 1200 500mm/19,69" 1200mm/47,24" 1,5bar/21,75psi 440mm/17,32" 930mm/36,61" 203,20mm/8" 50,0kg/110,23lbs


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