Egg Shape Pipe Test Plugs

  • The Pneumatic/Inflatable  Egg Shape Pipe Test Plugs have a bypass system to allow testing the pipeline and changing the fluid direction of the pipe.
  • Egg Shape Pipe Test Plugs are available in different sizes for sealing, blocking sewers, drainage systems, pipelines and gullies, testing pipe, bypassing flow with bypass channel.
  • These test plugs are used to sealing, blocking egg shaped, ovoid or oval profiles of sewers, drainage systems, pipelines, and gullies for testing with air or water.
  • Working Pressure is 1 Bar and Back Pressure is 0,5 Bar for all sizes of Egg Shaped Pipe Test Plugs.
  • They are available for pipe diameters from 200 mm (7,87") to 1500 mm (59,05").
  • Specified as standard working pressure1,5 Bar (21,75 psi).
Product Code Nominal Size Min. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Working Pressure (bar/psi) Product Diameter (mm/inch) Total Length of Product (mm/inch) Bypass Diameter(mm/inch) Product Weight (kg/Ibs)
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ESTP200450 200-300 250mm-375mm/9,84"-14,76" 300mm-450mm /11,81"-17,71" 1,5 bar/21,75psi 150mm-250mm/5,90"-9,84" 750mm/29,52" 50,80mm/2" 14,0kg/30,86 Ibs
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ESTP300900 300-450 350mm-525mm/13,77"-20,66" 400mm-600mm /15,74"-23,62"600mm-900mm /23,62"-35,43" 1,5 bar/21,75psi 250mm-400mm/9,84"-15,74" 1400mm/55,11" 50,80mm/2" 40,0kg/88,18 Ibs
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ESTP7001500 700-900 900mm-1350mm/35,43"-53,14" 1000mm-1500mm /39,37"-59,05" 1,5 bar/21,75psi 650mm-850mm/25,59"-33,46" 1600mm/62,99" 50,80mm/2" 50,0kg/110,23 Ibs


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