Egg Shape Pipe Stoppers

  • The Pneumatic/Inflatable Egg Shape Pipe Stoppers are available in different sizes for a perfect blocking and sealing of special pipes with different requirements of shape like egg-shaped, ovoid or oval profiles of sewers, drainage systems, pipelines, and gullies.
  • Egg Shape Pipe Stoppers are the same as conventional inflatable stoppers, they are fastened tightly to the diameter of egg-shaped pipes.
  • They are applied to block or restrict the flow in order to keep egg-shaped ovoid or oval-shaped pipes dry while repair, fixing accidental issues, rehabilitation or construction takes place.
  • They are also used to block the pipe at the other end for leak locating by testing with air or water, available for pipe diameters from 200 mm (7,87") to 1500 mm (59,05").
  • Specified as standard working pressure1,5 Bar (21,75 psi). 
Product Code Nominal Size Min. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Working Pressure (bar/psi) Product Diameter (mm/inch) Total Length of Product (mm/inch) Product Weight (kg/Ibs)
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ESPS200450 200-300 250mm-375mm/9,84"-14,76" 300mm-450mm /11,81"-17,71" 1,5 bar/21,75psi 150mm-250mm/5,90"-9,84" 750mm/29,52" 9,0 kg / 19,84 Ibs
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ESPS300900 300-450 350mm-525mm/13,77"-20,66" 400mm-600mm /15,74"-23,62"600mm-900mm /23,62"-35,43" 1,5 bar/21,75psi 250mm-400mm/9,84"-15,74" 1400mm/55,11" 33,0 kg / 72,75 Ibs
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ESPS7001500 700-900 900mm-1350mm/35,43"-53,14" 1000mm-1500mm /39,37"-59,05" 1,5 bar/21,75psi 650mm-850mm/25,59"-33,46" 1600mm/62,99" 40,0 kg / 88,18 Ibs
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ESPS12001800 1200 - 1400 1400mm - 1600mm/55,12"-62,99" 1500mm - 1800mm/59,06"-70,87" 1,5 bar/21,75psi 1150mm-1550mm/45,28"-61,02" 2000/78,74" 90,0kg / 198,41 lbs


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